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Cozy up, it's time for a story! Your FIT4MOM Greater Northwest Chicago Suburbs team read their favorite children's books.


Need a constructive outlet for your little one's energy today? This recipe for homemade bubble foam came from TikTok, and will provide at least 30 min of fun (maybe more). Best part is your little one can help you make the foam and practice all sorts of skills, like following directions, measuring, and being a good listener. Total win!


  • 1/4 c. Dish soap
  • 1/2 c....

I found this idea awhile back when looking for something to do with the abundance of popsicle sticks I have in my craft drawers. I didn’t have all the right supplies at the time so I made a mental note with the intention of getting what I needed for it.

Fast forward to today when we’re looking for something to keep us busy and practice our letters. So of course I still never got the supplies we needed so I just raided my craft drawer...


One of my all-time favorite crafts goes way back to 2015 when my oldest and I were stuck in the house because of a little thing called a cold snap. Those were the days! Two awesome things about this craft: First, it used items that I already had around, and second, the end result is a bunch of cute little characters that the kiddos can let their imaginations run wild with.


When planning out crafts, I typically consider what I have an abundance of, and try to plan around that. Between my two girls and all of the holidays that they receive gifts for, I have a lifetime supply of tissue paper. I probably should note that I don’t save every single piece of tissue paper from every package, just what’s in good shape. Considering that one of my girls is only 21 months old with a limited attention span, my second...


The goal of this activity is to take five minutes (yes 5 minutes!) to setup the night before to have more than 5 minutes to enjoy your coffee/tea or empty your dishwasher the next morning. Nothing crazy but something to set our littles off to have a successful day of play and grant us a few minutes to prep breakfast or drink our beverage of choice.

So onto our five minutes of setup!