Crafts and activities for your kiddo

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I found this idea awhile back when looking for something to do with the abundance of popsicle sticks I have in my craft drawers. I didn’t have all the right supplies at the time so I made a mental note with the intention of getting what I needed for it.

Fast forward to today when we’re looking for something to keep us busy and practice our letters. So of course I still never got the supplies we needed so I just raided my craft drawer...


One of my all-time favorite crafts goes way back to 2015 when my oldest and I were stuck in the house because of a little thing called a cold snap. Those were the days! Two awesome things about this craft: First, it used items that I already had around, and second, the end result is a bunch of cute little characters that the kiddos can let their imaginations run wild with.


When planning out crafts, I typically consider what I have an abundance of, and try to plan around that. Between my two girls and all of the holidays that they receive gifts for, I have a lifetime supply of tissue paper. I probably should note that I don’t save every single piece of tissue paper from every package, just what’s in good shape. Considering that one of my girls is only 21 months old with a limited attention span, my second...


The goal of this activity is to take five minutes (yes 5 minutes!) to setup the night before to have more than 5 minutes to enjoy your coffee/tea or empty your dishwasher the next morning. Nothing crazy but something to set our littles off to have a successful day of play and grant us a few minutes to prep breakfast or drink our beverage of choice.

So onto our five minutes of setup!