Why I Joined Run Club?

Stephanie Z.

I joined the Fit4Mom Bartlett-Barrington Run Club looking for accountability and direction. I haven't run consistently since high school. Every time I tried to start back up, I added too many miles too quickly. I would injure myself and have to stop. Fit4Mom's Run Club coach, Megan, has really helped me. She is a fantastic coach. She provides a set schedule that gradually adds miles so we don't burn ourselves out. We have group runs twice a week and train on our own between group runs.

For me, running is an individualized sport and it seemed silly at first to join a club to run with other people because I like my solitude. What I didn't do was hold myself accountable and that's what Fit4Mom's Run Club does for me. I actually find myself looking forward to our group runs! Everyone goes at their own pace and cheers each other's victories. This has been an incredibly positive experience. I completed my first 5K recently and I'm working on completing a 10K. I look forward to crossing many finish lines with Fit4Mom's Run Club in the future.