Run Club Is My Therapy

Irene P.

In the past I have done races but didn’t really train for them. I would just sign up and run it, with the hope that Stroller Strides was all I needed to train. The biggest races I ran were a 10k and 15k. After those races, the recovery was long and it would be hard to anything the rest of the week.

I joined Run Club at the end of May 2017 to help prepare for a Ragnar relay race from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL. I ran three legs during the race with a total 15 miles. Just joining Run Club, a month before, helped me prepare for the relay race. Run Club also prepared me for my first half marathon in July 2017. The greatest running coach, Megan Gertz, customized the runs to help me prepare for the race. She would run extra miles with me to build my endurance for the half marathon.

Run Club helped me achieve my running goals but it is so much more. It has helped me mentally and emotionally. It keeps me accountable for my actions. Run Club helps me stay on track with my training. I used to give excuses to not run, but now with this group I stay motivated and want to run. It is my therapy. When I am having a bad day I look forward to Run Club. At the end of the run I feel like a whole new person. Running with the group makes running fun. It doesn’t feel like a workout. I enjoy running with this group.