Mom Friends

Jen B.

I have been a member of the Greater Northwest Suburbs Fit4Mom village since October 2014 and feel without a doubt that it is has been one of the top decisions I have made for myself as well as for my daughter. I have been an active person my entire life, but after having my daughter struggled to find time to fit a workout in. I was intrigued when I found Stroller Strides but was skeptical on how good of a workout I could get while toting my infant daughter with me. So I decided to try a Stroller Strides workout, and years later am still going to Stroller Strides several times a week. Not only is it an AMAZING workout, but what I found (unexpectedly) and am most grateful for is a group of moms that I now call friends. These moms have been there to support me in times when I needed it, provide advice, a listening ear, and unlimited laughs and good times. I am not the only one that has benefited from Stroller Strides either. The socialization aspect of Stroller Strides has done wonders for my daughter, and the songs and games played during class I truly believe have given her a great start in her learning. So while in the beginning all I was looking for was a good, heart pounding workout, it turns out I found so so so much more within the Village and Stroller Strides for which I will be forever thankful.