I am a Runner

Callie C.

I am a runner! I would not have been able, nor could I have said that prior to joining Fit4Mom Run Club. From the first day, my group leader, Megan Gray Gertz, along with the other mamas, made me feel welcomed and were supportive of my run/walk intervals. The entire group, regardless of pace or experience level were encouraging, supportive and we laughed a lot, too! The important piece and what drives me is the enjoyment and camaraderie that comes from the “power of the group” and that my three year old daughter can share in this journey with me. I find myself rushing out of work on Tuesdays just to meet up with my group and their little ones. I now look forward to getting up at 5am for a long Sunday morning run catching up on work, family, relationship stories with people I truly enjoy spending time with. These great benefits are what keeps me engaged and my passion fueled for running and now I can’t imagine not running, so guess what….. I am a runner! I would encourage people of all abilities and goals, from beginner to someone training for a half marathon to come out and see what the “power of the group” can do for you. I’ve learned a lot about myself on those long training runs. I know I can push myself more than I have in the past and that with hard work I can accomplish any goal I make for myself personally or professionally. It will get easier! Take one mile at a time and one day at time and it will get easier. Not every run is going to be great or go the way you planned or hoped but I’ve found that those are the training runs that you learn about yourself the most and it’s true “slow and steady wins the race”!