Continued Success with Fit4Mom

Jen S.

I initially joined Stroller Strides so that I could work out without leaving my kids at a gym day care. I could never have imagined what an important part of my life it would become. It’s funny how exercising with other women naturally lends itself to friendship more than any other activity can. I guess you really let your guard down when you’re singing “Old MacDonald” while doing burpees.

In addition to Stroller Strides classes, I have also participated in many other programs offered by Fit4Mom Greater Northwest Chicago: Fit4Baby, Stroller Barre, Run Club, and Body Back Transformation. I have loved all of these classes and I feel a great sense of accomplishment after I attend a class. I now have more “mom friends” than I can count, and I am physically and emotionally stronger than I was before I had children. I am so thankful to have this organization and these wonderful women in my life.