Body Back helped me reach my fitness goals

Angela G.

I have been a part of Fit4Mom Greater NW Chicago for a year and a half now and I love everything about it! I initially didn’t have much interest in Body Back because I’ve always been pretty good about keeping myself in shape and had done it on my own for years. After having my second child, I got to work on losing the baby weight and I was really having trouble. I watched my friends join Body Back and their results were amazing. Finally, at 9 months post-partum (and not having any change in weight for 4 months), I decided to try it out- and I am SO glad I did. The exercise program helped push me to a higher intensity than I would have done on my own. The eating plan was practical and sustainable. Most of all, the community of ladies were amazing. They held me accountable and encouraged me with every push-up and every burpee to keep going. The program wasn’t just about losing weight- it was about getting stronger. I went from 12 push-ups in a minute to 50! I have tried so many exercises groups and classes in the past, but none of them compare to this. It’s worth every minute and I plan on doing it all over again soon!