Run Club


Run Club Is My Therapy »

Irene P.

In the past I have done races but didn’t really train for them. I would just sign up and run it, with the hope that Stroller Strides was all I needed to train. The biggest races I ran were a 10k and 15k. After those races, the recovery was long and it would be hard to anything the rest of the week.

I joined Run Club at the end of May 2017 to help prepare for a Ragnar relay race from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL. I ran three legs during the race with a total 15 miles. Just joining Run Club, a month before, helped me prepare for the relay race. Run Club also prepared me for my first half marathon in July 2017. The greatest running coach, Megan Gertz, customized the runs to help me prepare for the race. She would run extra miles with me to build my endurance for the half marathon.

Run Club helped me achieve my running goals but it is so much more. It has helped me mentally and emotionally. It keeps me accountable for my actions. Run Club helps me stay on track with my training. I used to give excuses to not run, but now with this group I stay motivated and want to...


I am a Runner »

Callie C.

I am a runner! I would not have been able, nor could I have said that prior to joining Fit4Mom Run Club. From the first day, my group leader, Megan Gray Gertz, along with the other mamas, made me feel welcomed and were supportive of my run/walk intervals. The entire group, regardless of pace or experience level were encouraging, supportive and we laughed a lot, too! The important piece and what drives me is the enjoyment and camaraderie that comes from the “power of the group” and that my three year old daughter can share in this journey with me. I find myself rushing out of work on Tuesdays just to meet up with my group and their little ones. I now look forward to getting up at 5am for a long Sunday morning run catching up on work, family, relationship stories with people I truly enjoy spending time with. These great benefits are what keeps me engaged and my passion fueled for running and now I can’t imagine not running, so guess what….. I am a runner! I would encourage people of all abilities and goals, from beginner to someone training for a half marathon to come out and see...


Why I Joined Run Club? »

Stephanie Z.

I joined the Fit4Mom Bartlett-Barrington Run Club looking for accountability and direction. I haven't run consistently since high school. Every time I tried to start back up, I added too many miles too quickly. I would injure myself and have to stop. Fit4Mom's Run Club coach, Megan, has really helped me. She is a fantastic coach. She provides a set schedule that gradually adds miles so we don't burn ourselves out. We have group runs twice a week and train on our own between group runs.

For me, running is an individualized sport and it seemed silly at first to join a club to run with other people because I like my solitude. What I didn't do was hold myself accountable and that's what Fit4Mom's Run Club does for me. I actually find myself looking forward to our group runs! Everyone goes at their own pace and cheers each other's victories. This has been an incredibly positive experience. I completed my first 5K recently and I'm working on completing a 10K. I look forward to crossing many finish lines with Fit4Mom's Run Club in the future.


Stroller Strides


Continued Success with Fit4Mom »

Jen S.

I initially joined Stroller Strides so that I could work out without leaving my kids at a gym day care. I could never have imagined what an important part of my life it would become. It’s funny how exercising with other women naturally lends itself to friendship more than any other activity can. I guess you really let your guard down when you’re singing “Old MacDonald” while doing burpees.

In addition to Stroller Strides classes, I have also participated in many other programs offered by Fit4Mom Greater Northwest Chicago: Fit4Baby, Stroller Barre, Run Club, and Body Back Transformation. I have loved all of these classes and I feel a great sense of accomplishment after I attend a class. I now have more “mom friends” than I can count, and I am physically and emotionally stronger than I was before I had children. I am so thankful to have this organization and these wonderful women in my life.


Stroller Strides Made Me Feel Like I Wasn't Alone »

Miranda G.

When I joined stroller strides 2 1/2 years ago when my oldest was only 10 months old I had no idea what it would do for my life. The support this village offers and the amazing women I've met have made me a better version of myself. As a stay at home mom, I felt very isolated and alone. Through Stroller Strides both my kids and I have met some of our closest friends all while getting an amazing workout. I'm in better shape today than I was 4 years ago pre babies. The best part is by working out with my kids they are seeing how important staying healthy is both physically and mentally which is something that will stick with them for life. I'm so proud to be a part of this village.

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It's so much more than a workout »

Christina G.

My son and I have been attending Stroller Strides since October 2015, where we have navigated from infant to toddlerhood. What I've loved most, is the instant community I found for both of us. Physically, it’s an intense workout that leaves you sweating and feeling accomplished. The instructors will push you, but they also help you modify anything to your level. Mentally, it has 100% helped me with the adjustment of becoming a mom. Being surrounded with other women that are in the same stage of life has been invaluable. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and always willing to offer advice. It seems like everyone has the attitude “we’re all in this together!” There are activities to attend throughout the week for kids, and also Moms night outs. Every mom needs a community like this. I couldn’t imagine being a Mom without this village!


Mom Friends »

Jen B.

I have been a member of the Greater Northwest Suburbs Fit4Mom village since October 2014 and feel without a doubt that it is has been one of the top decisions I have made for myself as well as for my daughter. I have been an active person my entire life, but after having my daughter struggled to find time to fit a workout in. I was intrigued when I found Stroller Strides but was skeptical on how good of a workout I could get while toting my infant daughter with me. So I decided to try a Stroller Strides workout, and years later am still going to Stroller Strides several times a week. Not only is it an AMAZING workout, but what I found (unexpectedly) and am most grateful for is a group of moms that I now call friends. These moms have been there to support me in times when I needed it, provide advice, a listening ear, and unlimited laughs and good times. I am not the only one that has benefited from Stroller Strides either. The socialization aspect of Stroller Strides has done wonders for my daughter, and the songs and games played during class I truly believe have given...


Body Back


Body Back Gave Me the Confidence Boost I Needed »

Jen F.

Before taking my first Body Back Transformation last fall, I felt like I was hitting rock bottom. I felt so uncomfortable with myself and ate whatever I wanted. I knew it was time to make a change so I took the plunge and committed to beginning a healthier lifestyle both with food and exercise. The first week was unbelievably challenging. I felt like my body was going through sugar shock and the workouts were harder than I ever imagined but I pushed through and felt my body and my mind continue to get stronger and stronger as each week surpassed. It truly changed my life for the better. I loved being held accountable and watching myself reach the goals that I wasn’t sure I would ever obtain. I continued this healthy lifestyle and took another 8-week session last spring, which gave me even more strength and confidence in myself and my abilities.


Best Decision of My Life »

Becky R.

Back in April, I was scrolling on Facebook and came across a post that there was a last minute spot in BBT. Without even thinking I commented, “I'll take it.” That, honestly, was one of the best decisions I have made. At that point, I had given up hope on myself and I knew I needed “something.”. I would often make “excuses” of why I couldn’t run or workout, even though I used to love it before kids. The experience of being part of BBT has forever changed me not only physically but mentally. My mind has shifted to actually putting me first which I has made me a better wife, mom and friend. I have also learned it’s not the number on the scale, but the strength I gained from the other women and finding the strength within myself that I thought was gone.


Body Back helped me reach my fitness goals »

Angela G.

I have been a part of Fit4Mom Greater NW Chicago for a year and a half now and I love everything about it! I initially didn’t have much interest in Body Back because I’ve always been pretty good about keeping myself in shape and had done it on my own for years. After having my second child, I got to work on losing the baby weight and I was really having trouble. I watched my friends join Body Back and their results were amazing. Finally, at 9 months post-partum (and not having any change in weight for 4 months), I decided to try it out- and I am SO glad I did. The exercise program helped push me to a higher intensity than I would have done on my own. The eating plan was practical and sustainable. Most of all, the community of ladies were amazing. They held me accountable and encouraged me with every push-up and every burpee to keep going. The program wasn’t just about losing weight- it was about getting stronger. I went from 12 push-ups in a minute to 50! I have tried so many exercises groups and classes in the past, but none of them compare to this. It’s worth every minute and I...


How I've Changed my Life »

Jessica R

I tried many times over the last 5 years to lose my "baby weight" and not until I started with Fit4Mom Greater Northwest Chicago in April 2017 was I able to finally lose the weight. It started with just a simple call to Nicole (one of the owners) who since then has changed my life!

It's not only a weight loss program but an awesome mom group of women who are all in your same boat, and a group of women who really help to support and encourage you. In about 5 months I have not only been able to transform my body physically but also mentally and emotionally. I am down about 40 pounds and can't wait until I get to my goal, and can 100% thank the Fit4Mom Greater NW Chicago team for this.