Who Picks You Up When You Fall Down?

Guys, week-two was a total bust. I started strong, feeling the groove of my new routine- then slowly but surely I let life get in the way. My at-home workouts were incomplete, my meal planning was practically out the window and I started to slightly disappear from the conversations in our Facebook group. There’s really no one to blame but myself, and as I started to spiral into feelings of guilt and shame – my Bestie stepped in and said “Hey! Its okay, I know it’s hard. Just pick up again tomorrow.”

We were all assigned a “Bestie” last week, which became yet another strong layer of accountability. I can’t tell you how nice it was to be encouraged instead of judged. I mean, as Moms, we judge ourselves practically on cue, right? Even before we step out of bed we’re thinking of all the things we didn’t do, could’ve done, etc.

I’m not very easy on myself and I’m thankful I have someone who is. Not for the sake of cutting me slack – but as a gentle reminder that we’re in this together, we’re not perfect and we always have an opportunity to try again. I mentioned in my first post that I’m a Certified Integrative Health Coach so that pretty much guarantees I meet “you should know better” with every mistake I make. This is when the teacher becomes the student; it’s okay, it is hard, we’ll pick up again in the morning.