What Seems Like The End is Only the Beginning

November 6, 2017Daisy

There is no doubt these last 8 weeks have left me in awe of what I’m capable of. But more than that – how I’ve been able to cope with “failure.”

I would be lying to you if I told you I followed this rigorous Body Back Transformation program to a T. I was often intimidated and the thought “is she serious?!” crossed my mind more times than I care to mention. The workouts, the homework, the meal planning are all set in place with a purpose, however, for someone who had not worked out in four years, I found myself overwhelmed a lot of the time.

Becoming present to my self-talk was a game changer. Just when I was starting to feel defeated (at around week 3), I really paid attention to how hard I was being on myself and decided ENOUGH! After that, I reassured myself I’m doing the best I can.

It’s hard to be in good spirits when you don’t see results… but something magical happened around week six. I thought it was just me but little by little I saw my other BBT Mamas report significant changes in the way they looked, felt and even how their clothes fit, myself included.

You may or may not -remember my goal was never to meet a number on the scale but rather to feel confident and secure about myself. I’m happy to report that around week six, I started wearing clothes that I hadn’t taken out of the closet in years, and even went as far as wearing pre-baby shorts (OMG shorts) in public that I was not able to squeeze in since having my son. I was even on a public beach, confidently showing my midsection. This was all unimaginable before August. MAJOR WIN!

I am beyond ecstatic with my results and most important thing that I found something I love to do. I love the communityFit4Mom has created and I’ve signed up to continue my journey with their Stroller Strides program and hopefully, revisit the eight-week BBT program in later months when I am more committed to sticking to reaching another goal.

My last bit of advice as I close out the series:

It will be a challenge.

The workouts are hard.

The requirements will test you.

But you are worth it. You are a Mother. You can take on anything and most importantly, you are not alone; you have an entire community that stands behind you.

In health and so much love,