One of Us


I’m inspired to reach out to the Mother who is looking for a place to belong. My eight-week Fit4Mom journey has opened my eyes to the strong community we organically form as women and the spoken (and unspoken) challenges we face day to day. Some of our challenges are relatable, yet many are not; not by our partners, parents, children and/or childless peers.

But we do. We “get” it. The conversations I’ve heard and had over the last 2 months have range from getting our toddlers to eat certain foods to fertility challenges to feeling like we’re lacking in every part of our lives.

You are one of us; before you think of joining a class, know that you belong here. Know that we get the sleepless nights, the constant juggling of life, the importance to connect and the many changes that come with motherhood.

I’ll admit it- I was you. I was afraid to join Fit4Moms’ Body Back Transformation program (or any program for that matter.) After not working out for close to 4 years I felt completely inadequate and frankly embarrassed to work out with a strange group of women. New is scary. Change is scary. But not growing through our fears and pushing past the uncomfortable is even scarier. Not knowing where to start being active is terrifying. Feeling unhealthy is paralyzing.

If you’re still with me - don’t stay where you are. We get it. We get you. Make the decision to grow and don’t stop until you’re proud.

A special shout out to my BBT crew and new Stroller Strides community. From day one you’ve made me feel right at home, thank you!

In health and love,