No One Is Counting Your Reps For You


I didn’t think I’d say this so soon, but I’ve really really come to enjoy my workouts with Fit4Mom. It’s not always easy to leave the house, but once I’m in the gym, I’m always happy I made it there. And I always leave surprised at what I can accomplish in one hour. Always.

So far, our workouts have been solo - as in, we workout in a group setting but its every mamma for herself. Some days I’m so tired and think there’s no way I can do 10 more of these, or I lose count of my reps and I think its okay I’ve done enough. Or how about this - our instructor says “10 seconds left” and I catch myself slowing down or stopping all together before the timer goes off.

No big deal right?

If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably already noticed this health and wellness journey is largely in the mind. After I caught myself “stopping short” a few times, I realized the only person I was cheating was me. No one was checking on me to see if I did all 50 burpees. No one cares; everyone is in their own head, in their own struggle.

So. I ask you- do you shortchange yourself when you go to the gym? Do you stop short of the timer? Or do you give it everything you’ve got?

It’s a work in progress, y’all. Give it all you got!

In Health and Love,