Having trouble getting to the gym? You’re not alone.

October 3, 2017Daisy

The Body Back program requires us to be at the gym 2xs a week, and last week after our trainer kicked our butt on Monday, I really really didn’t want to go on Wednesday. I was so sore and tired and I started to make up my mind as to why I couldn’t go and what excuse I could give my group... I looked at my husband hoping to gather an ounce of sympathy and said “I’m not going today.” He looked back at me with slight disappointment and said something like, “Okayyyy but you’ve already committed...” So I started rambling off all my premeditated excuses in hopes to help me feel better and justify my copping out.

Here’s the truth guys - no one really wants to go to the gym. One of my favorite authors, Darren Hardy says - we as human are inherently lazy, it’s in our DNA! ( https://darrenhardy.com/2014/03/high-performers/ ). The best way to get around this is to reinforce the healthy habits your are looking to create. You can do this with people you love, establishing accountability partners or hyping yourself up! I took a poll on Facebook asking people to share their self talk for days when their motivation is low. Here are some of my favorites!

  • I AM worth it
  • The hardest part is getting there
  • How long am I willing to stretch out my progress?
  • Do you want to feel accomplished or do you want to be full of guilt?
  • Skipping a day leads to several days which leads to being out of shape
  • Stop self sabotaging! You can do this __( your name)__ and you’ll feel better It’s worth it!
  • It doesn’t hurt, it’s just hard and I’m going to fight to get the results I want to make me FEEL good

I ended up going to the gym that night and as I was heading for the door my husband stopped me and said “I’m proud of you.” I mean, how could I possibly let my biggest fan down after hearing those words?

In health and love,