Getting Centered

October 26, 2017Daisy

My favorite part of our 1 hour class is the time we take to wind-down and stretch; not only because I get to rest- but because I get to reflect and center myselfbefore heading back home to my little family. Our instructor has read some pretty awesome meditations for us over the last 6 weeks and I find this one to be the best so far. I wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy!

As moms, we often feel like we don’t get things quite right. We feel like we aren’t a perfect parent, we worry we aren’t a perfect example of beauty; we beat ourselves up comparing ourselves to others. But to some small people in this world, you are PERFECT. You are Supermom.

Only YOU have soothed HUNDREDS of cries,

given HUNDREDS of tickles,

journeyed through HUNDREDS of sleepless nights,

changed HUNDREDS of diapers,

given HUNDREDS of kisses and squeezing hugs,

made HUNDREDS of owies go away with only your loving touch.

If you ever fear that you are somehow incapable of doing anything – remember this: YOU, Supermom, have made a child feel valued, loved, accepted and incredible hundreds of times…you are a superhero capable of the most amazing things.

Do NOT doubt yourself for one HUNDREDTH of a second.

You are an incredible woman, 100 times over.

By: Erica Spear, Manager at Fit4Mom Eastside

In a world of not-enoughness, I hope these words speak to you like they did to me.

In health and love,