Easy? No. Worth it? Yes.


Documenting this Fit4Mom journey has been a true test of my emotional and physical health; my unrealistic expectations and my motives for being healthy.

If you're serious about sustainable change (in or out of the gym), don't expect to see results overnight or in a week. Healthy habits are harder to create than unhealthy ones; it takes a lot of effort, willpower and often you're left with little to no gratification.

I highly recommend you find accountability for your goals. Find someone who is supportive, firm and non-judgmental. This could be one person or (in my case) several.

Along with consistency and accountability, practice self-forgiveness. You're doing the best you can for goodness sake. The number one lesson I've learned thus far is to be nice to myself. Think of it this way, would you praise and encourage your child to keep going in order to achieve a goal they’re striving for, or would you tell them to give up?

I can’t do a side plank to save my life. But I have noticed gradual strength in my form over the last five weeks. That’s gotta count for something, right?

In health & love,