Tissue Paper Shamrocks

When planning out crafts, I typically consider what I have an abundance of, and try to plan around that. Between my two girls and all of the holidays that they receive gifts for, I have a lifetime supply of tissue paper. I probably should note that I don’t save every single piece of tissue paper from every package, just what’s in good shape. Considering that one of my girls is only 21 months old with a limited attention span, my second objective is to find something simple enough to allow her to participate, even if it’s just for a short time.


While shopping at Target, I came across these pre-cut shamrocks in Bullseye’s Playground for $1. I went ahead and picked them up, but you can either use your Cricut to cut your own, or if you are confident, cut out your own. Clearly, I’m not that confident!

I went through my tissue paper and found a couple of different shades of green and cut it into squares. I handed my big girl a glue stick, and let her go to town.

Little Sis helped Big Sis stick the squares onto the shamrock. Now, the little probably could handle the glue stick, but this was a great opportunity for them to work together on a project.

They covered the shamrock! It was the perfect amount of work for a toddler, didn’t require adult assistance thanks to Big Sis, and cost me $1. It wouldn’t have cost me anything had I chosen to freehand the shamrock or used my Cricut, since I used supplies I already have.