Rainbow Stacking

The goal of this activity is to take five minutes (yes 5 minutes!) to setup the night before to have more than 5 minutes to enjoy your coffee/tea or empty your dishwasher the next morning. Nothing crazy but something to set our littles off to have a successful day of play and grant us a few minutes to prep breakfast or drink our beverage of choice.

So onto our five minutes of setup!

Supplies needed:

  • Butcher Paper or Construction Paper in Rainbow colors
  • Markers
  • Something to stack/build with that is a variety of colors – this can include Magnetic Tiles, Rainbow Pebbles, Colored Blocks, or Pom-Poms

On the butcher paper draw a square for every color, if you are using construction paper grab one piece of each color you have available. Placing the item of choice to the left of this activity to encourage the brain to move from left to right.


On the morning of show your child this activity, encourage them to start their morning off organizing the items by color. If they don’t start to stack on their own encourage them to try stacking first by color and eventually with extra colors. If they need additional direction consider asking any of the following, “I wonder how they can be organized.” “How many do you think are in the red category, let’s count them.” “Can we stack the yellow higher than the blue, which do you think we have more of.”

Additional Ways to Expand this Activity:

For a younger child, try keeping supplies minimal including less colors – start with primary colors or limiting the amount of items available for stacking to avoid distractions.

For older children, draw everything using a black marker and write out the colors.