Pom Pom People

One of my all-time favorite crafts goes way back to 2015 when my oldest and I were stuck in the house because of a little thing called a cold snap. Those were the days! Two awesome things about this craft: First, it used items that I already had around, and second, the end result is a bunch of cute little characters that the kiddos can let their imaginations run wild with.


All that’s needed are large pom poms, glue, felt pieces, googly eyes, scissors, and if you have it and don’t want to freehand, a heart-shaped paper punch.

To start with the feet, punch out a heart shape to use to trace the feet. I did this rather than cutting them out freehand, but if you don’t have a punch that would work feel free to use your imagination.


We went ahead and used that heart shape to trace what will become the feet onto felt. Felt is a surprisingly versatile craft item that I highly recommend keeping around the house.


Then it’s time to get really creative. My oldest went ahead and picked out the googly eyes she wanted to use, and let me know how she wanted each of their faces to look. I put my aversion to freehand on the back burner to cut out mouths, per her instructions.

She had an idea in her head for one of the mouths, so she drew it on the felt (with a regular pen) and I cut it out for her. Since I’m using fabric scissors, it’s a bit harder for her to do the cutting. This is truly a collaborative effort.


She then used her craft glue (NOT a glue stick) to give her pom pom people faces. After the face has been assembled, we glued the pom pom to its feet -- the upside-down heart we'd cut out in the first step!

This is a totally versatile craft. Kids will love adding the pom pom people to their doll houses and other play sets, or just sitting at the kitchen table making up stories and adventures. It’s simple and uses basic craft items from around the house.