Letter Garden

I found this idea awhile back when looking for something to do with the abundance of popsicle sticks I have in my craft drawers. I didn’t have all the right supplies at the time so I made a mental note with the intention of getting what I needed for it.

Fast forward to today when we’re looking for something to keep us busy and practice our letters. So of course I still never got the supplies we needed so I just raided my craft drawer to see what I could find that would work:

  • Popsicle sticks - luckily I had rainbow so I just pulled out the green but you could also paint or color plain ones
  • Foam Flowers - I had a bag of foam flowers and bugs (some with sticky backs, some without) but you could also make flowers out of paper or use stickers
  • Glue Stick - any kind of glue will work
  • Rocks - we recently lost our fishy friend so we had the rocks from the tank handy but you could find some rocks outside to use

I wrote each letter in its own popsicle stick while Audrey (4) began decorating the sticks with flowers and bugs. Olivia (1) is a little young for the craft but she enjoyed playing with the sticks and foam flowers while Audrey and I worked. Once our flowers were done we put the rocks in a bowl and stuck each stick into the rocks.

Audrey is in preschool and working on letter recognition and writing. We play with this in a few ways:

  • Audrey pulls a letter out and tells us what letter it is. We talk about the sound it makes and look around the room to find a couple things that start with that letter.
  • Audrey love the wipe off board in my office so she will pull a flower, identify the letter and then practice writing it on the board.
  • When playing with her dolls, Audrey likes to find the letter that her dolls names start with so she’ll pick a doll, we’ll talk about what the doll’s name is and what letter it starts with and she searches her garden for that letter.